La Guagua 47 in Philadelphia

La Guagua 47 tells the story of a young migrant, alone in the city. Searching for others of Latino heritage, she discovers SEPTA 47 that takes her on a journey to a place most Latinos in Philadelphia call home: el centro de oro.

J Balvin and McDonald’s join forces

After last month’s much-buzzed about celebrity menu collaboration, the Golden Arches are bringing customers the “Vibras.” McDonald’s is adding award-winning Reggaeton global ambassador J Balvin’s go-to order to its U.S. menu.

West Side Story Actors Will Be Latino(a)

Not really recent news, but after watching Rita Moreno on the Academy Awards red carpet had me thinking, "Hmmm. Didn't they announce this in January?" The Sharks and Jets will be back! According to an article in the New York Times, "The casting call refers to the search for the four main characters, Tony, Maria,... Continue Reading →

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