Opinion: Why I Love Amara La Negra

So by now, we all should know who Amara La Negra is. She’s faced adversity on Love & Hip Hop: Miami (LHH Miami) and even social media backlash due to her identity.

What is it about Amara that I love? First I must admit my only interactions with Amara (if you want to call it that), has been while watching the show, and reading her various social media posts on Twitter and Instagram. However, after listening to many of her songs on Tidal and really digging deep into identity, she’s another that keeps it real.

Amara is all about family, as you can tell on LHH Miami. She brings her mom everywhere, and is in the business to give back to her mom. Although her story line in LHH Miami is not without drama. She isn’t perfect; she does get into fights, but who doesn’t on these shows?! The latest fight with Veronica Vega ended with Veronica claiming that Amara’s afro was not real. Imagine that; but of course Amara addressed the comments.

And did you know she recently released her latest single, “What a Bam Bam.” Sure, the song samples Sister Nancy’s “Bam Bam,” but it’s still a great single, and it makes us with for warmer days. Oh, and her track with Sean Paul, “All In,” is also amazing.

Here’s to seeing where Amara’s future will take here. It can only go up from here.

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