Opinion: The Latina Queens of Rupaul’s Drag Race

I must admit that I have been a fan of Rupaul’s Drag Race (Drag Race) for a very long time. It was introduced to me in Season 3 when a friend mentioned that a Latina was in the top 3 queens of the season. From then on, I have been addicted.

Now I could go on to talk about the show’s plot twists, entertainment aspect, winners, and so on; but I’m here to talk to you about the representation of Latinos on the show. There have been so many Latino characters since Season 1 all the way up to the most current season. I know how critical Drag Race fans can get, so please just take this with a grain of salt; it is my opinion after all.

So from start to finish, here are my random thoughts about the 24 Latina queens of Drag Race.

  • Season 1
    • Nina Flowers – One of the most professional and kind queens represented on the show. She made it all the way to the top 2, but unfortunately did not win. She did however win the ever so popular Miss Congeniality.
    • Rebecca Glasscock – Not even sure what to say about her. I’m assuming because it was Season 1, it was all new and she just didn’t know. Oh well. Her attitude wasn’t the best.
    • Jade Sotomayor – The original “got robbed” queen during her first and only lip-sync. Honestly, how did she not with that lip sync against Rebecca?
  • Season 2
    • Jessica Wild – An extremely thoughtful queen, she won me over with her crazy Rupaul impersonation and her Absolut Berri Açaí commercial. Hilarious.
  • Season 3
    • Carmen Carrera – Beautiful and changing the way we look at transgender people (of color).
    • Alexis Mateo – BAM! She was one of the original Latina pageant queens, who honestly ended up being a hidden comedy queen. Sicking now!? It was hilarious to hear her say she didn’t want to be labeled as the Latina queen, but then RuPaul would always reference something Latino-related on the runway.
    • Yara Sofia – Another one of my favorite queens; I honestly cried in her lip sync against Alexis Mateo. Also one of the few queens I actually met in person!
    • Delta Work – Yes. Apparently she’s Latina. And also a heather. No real opinion lol.
  • Season 4
    • Madame LaQueer – The most memorable moment was when she went for a high-five, and Kenya Michaels denied it. Oh and green. It was annoying hearing her say that she had an injury, but then she ended up winning the challenge.
    • Kenya Michaels – I honestly believe she should have won the lip sync against Milan; or maybe it should have been a, “Shantay you both stay.” Legendary!
    • Alisa Summers – Yes. Apparently she’s also Latina. Some of you are probably saying, “Who?”
  • Season 5
    • Roxxxy Andrews – Do you remember hearing her speak Spanish with Lineysha? P.S. “I’m Roxxxy Andrews and I’m here to make it clear. I know you love me baby that’s why you brought me here.”
    • Serena ChaCha – First contestant from Panama. Yeah, that’s all. She thought she would out smart the other queens, but that backfired.
    • Monica Beverly Hillz – That’s Monica Beverly Hillz with a Z. Love her quote, “Trans is who I am. Drag is what I do.”
    • Lineysha Sparx – Beautiful; and I honestly thought she was a front runner. However, then snatch game happened and it went downhill from there.
  • Season 6
    • April Carrión – Another one I thought would go pretty far, but then her “big girl” impersonation didn’t do much. Oh well.
    • Adore Delano – Party. She honestly didn’t need All Stars; she will forever be everyone’s fan favorite. Although she was always in her head, whenever she let go of all her insecurities, she did really well.
    • Bianca Del Rio – The first Latina winner. She didn’t even have to mention that she was Latina; only in the comedy challenge. She’s hilarious, and didn’t let anything stop her.
  • Season 7
    • Violet Chachki – Yes she’s indeed Latina; half Ecuadorian. I look at her like Tyra Sanchez; gave no fu**s and still won the crown. Very deserving.
    • Kandy Ho – “WTF!” Probably one of the most hilarious quotes/GIFs out there. The comment about age towards Tempest wasn’t necessary, but oh well. P.S. Loved that beard runway!
    • Ginger Minj – Another one that is apparently Latina; but more of a glamour toad.
  • Season
    • Cynthia Lee Fontaine – If I hear cucu one more time. Yes she’s an extremely thoughtful person, she isn’t really the best lip syncer.
    • Naysha Lopez – I had her going pretty far. Sure she did go far when she was brought back, but oh well.
  • Season 9
    • Valentina – She’s perfect. She’s beautiful. She looks like Linda Evangelista. Her lip sync against Nina Bonina Brown will always be one to remember; except the lyrics.

So do you have any favorites? Each one of these Latina queens has brought a very unique style to the competition. Some have been pageant queens, some have been comedy queens, but all have been true to themselves.

P.S. Did I miss anyone? If so, let me know!

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