DC Comics celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with food

Don’t you just love it when brands jump on the (insert any diverse group of people) Heritage Month?

It’s safe to say that Latinos do love food. Yes. We eat tacos, empanadas, churros, quesadillas, etc. However, that doesn’t mean launch a campaign on us celebrating Hispanic heritage that centers around food. Yet that’s what DC Comics decided to do.

According to an article on NPR, “Although Hispanic Heritage Month doesn’t begin until Sept. 15, DC Comics got an early start by revealing several special covers in their attempt to celebrate the upcoming month.” In June, @DCComics tweeted several comic book covers featuring heroes eating a variety of food. Yes it’s good art, but just in poor taste. We are more than just food.

The kicker is the Green Lantern cover which was not supposed to be released but it did! Illustrator Jorge Molina tweeted the unfinished cover he created for Hispanic Heritage Month. In this version you can see it truly is an homage to Mexican culture. It wasn’t released due to unknown legal reasons. However, in the image DC released (you can see it on this post’s cover), Green Lantern is holding a bag of tamales… a bag of tamales!

What could DC Comics could have used instead of food? Maybe just like Molina created, honor the flags with an emblem. Start there.

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