La Guagua 47 in Philadelphia

When I returned to Philadelphia late last year I had to do a search of what has changed in Philadelphia’s Latino community. I saw a lot of change and growth and I loved it. And then I came across a WHYY article on Alba Martinez’s La Guagua 47 song and thought, “well this is fun.”

And today, Thursday, September 15, 2022, the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, that song came to life through film. Through a collaboration of many organizations including SEPTA, Mural Arts Philadelphia, Philadelphia Latino Film Festival and countless others, the 8 minute film tells the story of a young migrant, alone in the city. Searching for others of Latino heritage, she discovers SEPTA 47 that takes her on a journey to a place most Latinos in Philadelphia call home: el centro de oro.

People who transplanted to Philadelphia can relate. You’re in a new home and where can you go? You go towards what you can relate to. This is what I did. By way of Temple University, I found my way to Taller Puertorriqueño and the rest is history.

Watch the newly released La Guagua 47 below and embrace what Philadelphia’s Latino community is about.

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