Philadelphia’s growing Latino population

Almost one year since I have written my last post. No excuses but since then things have dramatically changed in my life. I won't bore you but in September 2021 I moved back to Philadelphia! And I must say, Philly has also changed. There has been an influx of young Latinos doing amazing things in... Continue Reading →

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Identity in the Afro-Latino community

Identity for U.S. Hispanics is multidimensional and multifaceted. For example, many Hispanics tie their identity to their ancestral countries of origin. They may also look to their indigenous roots. Among the many ways Hispanics see their identity is their racial background.

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Bad Bunny’s journey on WWE

If you would have ever asked me, "Do you think Bad Bunny would ever join the WWE" I would have said no. But here we are three months after Bad Bunny made his debut in the WWE. And like any good storyline, it started with a small (yet prominent) appearance. Bad Bunny made his debut... Continue Reading →

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