“I Am Not My Hair” – Amara La Negra

If you haven’t heard about her, you need to now. Amara La Negra, one of the (now) most recognizable Love & Hip Hop Miami (L&HH) stars, is continuing the conversation about race and the world she lives in…specifically being an Afro-Latina. In a world where we are so used to the “typical” Latina, Amara’s story line is something we need to continue talking about.

In Monday’s episode of L&HH Miami, Amara had a photo shoot with Simply Jess due to the conversations Amara was having with other cast mates. The “I Am Not My Hair” themed shoot captures Amara in a series of pics without her signature afro.

The idea was simple; to showcase that Amara is beautiful inside and out and, as the photoshoot title states, her hair does not define who she is.

“I make my own rules. I am beautiful the way that I am and that’s all that matters!,” she said. You can see the final photos on Amara’s Instagram account.

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