Who is Amara La Negra?

It should be obvious that Amara La Negra is an Afro-Latina, or maybe not. But when I first saw heard and saw the Miami-born Afro-Dominican’s intro in the Love & Hip Hop Miami promo, I absolutely fell in love. This new addition to the Love & Hop (L&HH) franchise is bound to explode.

According to an article on VH1.com, “For Amara that image is not only her brand as a singer but also her Afro-Latina identity. Being apart of a specific Latin community that doesn’t get a lot of recognition and representation is frustrating for Amara because ‘[Afro-Latinos have] been here and no one has really spoken about us.'” And it’s true. Ask any of your Afro-Latino friends and/or colleagues who identify as Afro-Latino.

Similar to Anais in Love & Hip Hop New York, Amara La Negra has had success in theSpanish-language music market, so she hopes to use L&HH as a platform to get into the mainstream world. From the articles and videos I’ve read, Amara La Negra is bold, brown, and beautiful.

Did you know that at the age of 22 years old, her first hit when as the kids say “viral”? The track, “Ayy,” has since racked up nearly 20 million views on YouTube alone; and has earned the reputation as the “Queen of Twerk.” I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table this season on L&HH. See you on New Year’s Day on VH1!

Check out Amara La Negra’s first 6 minutes in Love & Hip Hop Miami by clicking here.

You can also watch Amara La Negra’s intro in the Love & Hip Hop Miami promo below. Enjoy!

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