Barbie celebrates Día de los Muertos

In the ongoing campaign to make Barbie’s a bit more…diverse, Mattel is releasing a limited edition Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Barbie. Good news right?

It seems like it is good timing considering Hispanic Heritage Month is coming up (9/15-10/15). This is usually the time when everyone decides to promote their business to the growing Hispanic population.

According to ABC News, “The limited-edition Barbie features a black flutter sleeve, floor-length, flare dress, embroidered with vibrant flowers and butterflies, according to Mattel. The doll also has traditional skeleton face-paint signature to the holiday and a crown of marigold flowers with bright orange monarch butterflies.”

The price tag? It’s not $10 nor even $20, it’s $75. Yes. Could it be because it’s limited edition? Sure. But what about those little girls that can’t afford it. The doll will be available on September 12 on and

Day of the Dead will begin on Thursday, October 31 and end on Saturday, November 2.

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