Dr. Carmen Febo San Miguel to retire from Taller Puertorriqueño

My first job out of college was at Taller Puertorriqueño, a Philadelphia Latino arts & culture non-profit. In fact, they gave me a the gig before I even graduated. Although I studies journalism at Temple University, this was a great opportunity in marketing & communications. Taller taught me so much and got me ready for the future.

It sounds like Taller is going away, but don’t worry they are not. However, it was announced that after 22 years of service, Dr. Carmen Febo San Miguel will retire as Executive Director of the organization. Dr. Febo’s service to Taller is remarkable not simply because of its length but its vision in creating Pennsylvania’s largest Puerto Rican and Latino arts organization and one of the most respected in the Northeast Region.

“Taller has been central to my life for 36 years,” said Dr. Febo. “I am proud of all we have been able to accomplish during my tenure as Board Chair and then, Executive Director. Today, Taller is a dynamic, growth-oriented arts institution documenting and sharing with others the vibrant character of the Puerto Rican and Latino community. I prepare for my retirement knowing that Taller has a strong Board, committed staff, and wonderful advocates across the city and state. I have every confidence in Taller moving forward and I look forward to helping ensure the success of my successor, once selected.”

Throughout her years with Taller, Dr. Febo has accomplished so much including:

  • Continuously raised funds and fought for Taller´s new building, with more than 24,000 square feet (tripling the classroom space); a 200-person auditorium, and a significantly enlarged art gallery.
  • Grew the organization’s budget of $600,000 to a budget of close to a million.
  • Garnered national recognition through grants from the Andy Warhol Foundation, the Knight Foundation, NEA and others.

So with all of that I say, “Thank you Carmen.” You’ve been an inspiration to so many.

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