San Pues Colombian Fusion is a no

I currently live in Fairfax, VA where there is no Colombian influence whatsoever. When I moved here in 2015, I asked myself, “Where can I grab authentic Colombian food.” The reply was, “You have to go to Silver Spring, MD.” Not ideal.

However, in May 2019 I was pleasantly surprised to see the opening of a “Colombian-fusion” restaurant in Woodbridge, VA. San Pues‘ website states, “We love serving our customers, and our goal as a team, is to be able to delight everyone’s taste with a variety of traditional and delicious Latin America and Colombian recipes that will make everyone fall in love with San Pues.”

I was going to order a bandeja tipica because it’s full of amazing flavors, but I went with the arroz con pollo. How can you mess that up right? Unfortunately it was a boot.

I should have known better after I entered the building. I know ambiance isn’t the biggest issue, but it was. The restaurant did not get renovated so it had the same setup as the previous tenant, which was a pizza shop. The crazy part about this was that half the restaurant was still a pizza shop! Is this what the restaurant meant by fusion?

So back to the food. The arroz con pollo platter came in a typical white styrofoam container. Obviously when I opened it the food didn’t look like the picture in the menu but oh well. After one or two bites I realized it was a fail. The rice was soggy and the vegetables looked like they came from the frozen section of the local grocery store. I was excited to see two platanos maduros, but even those failed me.

I don’t even want to give the restaurant a rating. It was a good try but I won’t be going back. The reviews from other Colombians on Yelp and Google are similar but there are others that really live the place.

Make your own decisions about the food:

San Pues Colombian Kitchen 12425 Hedges Run Drive Lake Ridge, VA 22192

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