National Kidney Foundation releases two Spanish-language PSAs

Did you know Latinos are 1.5 times more likely to have kidney failure than White Americans? Probably not something you want to hear, especially with the multiple health disparities Latinos already suffer.

According to a recent National Kidney Foundation (NKF) press release, researchers do not fully understand why Latinos are at a higher risk. However, 10 percent of Hispanic Americans have diabetes – the leading cause of kidney disease. Other factors may also play a role including high blood pressure, diet, obesity, and access to healthcare.

And just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, NKF will release two Spanish-language PSAs in conjunction with THE BIG ASK: THE BIG GIVE, NKF’s platform that provides nationwide outreach designed to increase kidney transplantation through training and tools that help patients and families find a living donor. The two Spanish-language PSAs include two women who both share a heartfelt story of how living organ donation saved their lives.

“I was a very young person when I needed my first transplant,” said Claudia Hernandez, mother of a teen-age son. “I was starting to live. I had the American dream. I wanted to do so many things with my life. I wanted to triumph, achieve, work, enjoy, and be happy. Without the kidney donations, my life would be totally marginal.”

So what can you do? Call NKF and see if you’re a match for someone suffering from kidney failure. NKF seeks to collaborate and connect more with Hispanics who have kidney disease, as well as those who may be potential kidney donors. Prevention is also key; ask your doctor about testing for kidney disease.

Additional stories, including an extended interview with Claudia, can be found by clicking here.

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