Blue Beetle will feature DC Comics’ first Latino lead

Do you know who the Blue Beetle is? If not, you will soon enough learn about Mexican-American Jaime Reyes.

A teenager from El Paso, Texas, Reyes found his life turned upside down when he discovered the Blue Beetle scarab tool, which gives him the technology to activate a bio-mechanical suit. Cool right? Sure the average comic book fan wouldn’t know about the Blue Beetle, but it’s great to see representation.

But will Hollywood get it right? Or will stereotypes be perpetuated? According to an article on, “So far, the people attached to the project are Mexican writer Gareth Dunnet-Alocer as screenwriter and Zev Foreman as executive producer. Dunnet-Alocer is the writer behind Universal’s Scarface remake and the remake of the upcoming Mexican action-drama Miss Bala.”

Marvel, has also recently released “Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse,” which stars Afro-Latino Miles Morales as its hero. Can you name a list of Lation super heroes/villains? Some include Ghost Rider, Sunspot, Spider-Man, Tarantula, Catwoman, El Diablo, Empress, etc. Here’s a handy list just in case you need a refresher. 

What other Latino super-heroes/villains should be turned into a live action movie?

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