El Dorado World Tour (Washington, DC)

I attended Shakira‘s El Dorado World Tour in Washington, DC last Saturday, August 11 and it did not disappoint. The last time I saw Shakira perform was in November 2002 in Philadelphia; since then much has changed.

Washington, DC was one of 19 cities in North America during her world tour. It started in Hamburg, Germany for the European tour, and will continue in South America and eventually culminate in Tokyo, Japan.

Shakira opened up with a montage of her photos throughout the years and performed, Estoy Aqui. Other hits she performed included Si Te Vas; Nada; Perro Fiel; Me Enamore; Inevitable; Whenever, Wherever; Tú; Antología; Loca; and La La La (Brazil 2014). The entire show was full of energy, an amazing band, confetti, and even some fire.

And for those that missed the entire meaning of the show, she also had a message. Right after her La La La performance, a video popped up promoting education in underserved communities; specifically overseas. There were clips of children from all over the world who have to commute up to two hours just to receive an education. This should NOT be the case. For those that don’t know, Shakira has a philanthropic side: Fundación Pies Descalzos.

We are a Colombian non-governmental organization created by the artist Shakira in 1997 with the main objective of promoting PUBLIC QUALITY EDUCATION for children in vulnerable situations in Colombia.

After the video, Shakira popped up in the middle of the arena and performed Toneladas. She closed out her encore performance with “Hips Don’t Lie” and “La Bicicleta”.

Thank you Shakira. I’ve been a fan since 1997.

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